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Our team offers comprehensive concierge credit services. We eliminate. We educate. We rebuild.
After we remove negative items from your credit report, we teach you how to manage your credit going forward. Then we help build your credit until you reach your goals. We improve quality of life by lowering the cost of living through teaching and counseling the best debt and credit practices.


We are Credit Advocates, standing by to defend your credit status from all threats.
To the best of our ability, we remove negative items on your credit reports.

Credit Bureaus

Most of our effort is directed at the three major Credit Reporting Agencies, which are nothing more than massive data brokers. In fact, these credit bureaus sell billions of dollars worth of personal data every year, not the least of which are credit reports. Under the guise of security, they will resist our efforts to delete consumers' personal data.

Like professional tax services and so many other professions, consumers are able to manage their own credit efforts.

With One Good Credit as your advocate, you can rest in the comfort of knowing that there is "someone" standing ready to protect your interests from a system owned and operated by a few of the world's largest data brokers.


Experian is the most significant Credit Reporting Agency, and one of the largest Data Brokers in the world.


TransUnion sells credit histories. They also serve the auto loan industry, and provide employment data.



Equifax specializes in Credit Reports & Scores, as well as employment information.

Summary Of Credit Services

Federal and state consumer protection laws enable us to represent and enforce the interests of our members, including the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We use safe sources to obtain credit reports and scores. The team works hard to optimize members' credit status. With better interest rates and greater loan approvals, our members will enjoy a higher quality of life.

Our Promise

Guaranteeing results for improving credit scores or reports is illegal.

However, we do promise to treat every member like family.

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We're happy to show you what we can do for you and your family.